Past Investigations

* Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery- Midlothian, IL
* Greenwood Cemetery- New Miner, WI
* Zion Cemetery- Necedah, WI
* Searles Prairie Cemetery- Necedah, WI
* St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery- Necedah, WI
* Waverly Hills Sanatorium- Louisville, KY
* Peoria Asylum- Bartonville, IL
* Randolph County Infirmary- Winchester, IN

* Pollak Hospital- Bartonville, IL

* Bartonville State Hospital Cemetery, Bartonville, IL

* Old Hartford City Jail- Hartford, IN

* Ashmore Estates- Ashmore, IL

* Edinburgh Manor Asylum- Scotch Grove, IA



Planned Future Investigations

Resurrection Cemetery- Justice, IL 

* Roads Hotel- Atlanta, IN

* Madison Seminary- Madison, OH

* Farrar Schoolhouse- Maxwell, IA

* Ohio State Reformatory- Mansfield, OH

* Porter County Railroad (train wreck)- Woodville, IN



* Please note some past investigation locations cannot be disclosed due to privacy restrictions

* Some locations were investigated on multiple occasions and may be investigated again