White Light Squeegee began to investigate paranormal behavior as a hobby. Our motto is “I don’t get scared easily, I am a paranormal investigator.” We are a team that works together and uses various forms of equipment to capture EVP’s, videos, and images. We do not consider ourselves professionals, as there is no such thing as a professional paranormal investigator. Our team has traveled to various jails, cemeteries, sanatoriums, asylums, hospitals, among other places, which have a reputation for paranormal activity. We intend to interact with positive energy and offer help to lost spirits. There could be cases where we interact with negative spirits, however, negative spirits should not be confused with demons. We have no intention of interacting with demonic forces. There is no negotiation with demons. We treat all spirits with respect and do not engage in any provoking activity, provoking of any kind will not be tolerated by our group.

No Ouija boards, alcohol, or drugs are permitted during any investigations we conduct.

We are willing to investigate in the Chicagoland area, central Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and within a 250-mile radius of Chicagoland with advanced notice. There are no charges for these investigations. If any paranormal investigator groups would like to team up with us for occasional investigations, we are more than willing to work with other groups and split the charges if applicable.


Member List


Name- Chris, Handle- Squeegee (Founder)

“Welcome to where time stands still”                  - Squeegee


Name- Laura, Handle- Rosy (Founder)


Special Guest/ Helper, Handle- Bubba


About Us

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